Blue Air Products designs and manufactures the most powerful, most energy-efficient ozone generation equipment on the market.

We pride ourselves on quality. For us, this means durability and efficiency. We have ozone generators that were originally sold to customers over 20 years ago and are still in operation today! People can’t even say that about their cars, or even their refrigerators. We take care to make our products strong and build them to last.

Founded in Long Beach, California, in 1999, Blue Air Products has been dedicated to making the most durable, high-performance ozone generators for a very long time.

BAP founder Scott Jones recalls the early days:

“Up until the early 1990s chemicals were used exclusively for treating hot tub water. Sanitizing it so that spa users could enjoy their own personal hot tub.

At that time I began working for the second-largest hot tub company in the world. One of our biggest challenges, for the industry, was managing water quality. Bathers didn’t understand how to use chlorine in their hot tubs. This resulted in high levels of chemical odors and skin irritation.

Though ozone had been used in large commercial wastewater treatment facilities, primarily in Europe, it was difficult to control its oxidative properties. No one had mastered an ozonator or delivery system capable of handling high bather loads in a 600+ gallon hot tub.

For eight or ten years I learned a great deal about the benefits of ozone. Of particular interest, for me, was how ozone could be used to control odor, pests, and unseen viruses.”

The rest is history and the BIG BLUES were born. Jones continues:

“With the help of a Canadian partner, I developed an ozonator for the hydroponics industry.

In 1999 I toured the Western U.S. introducing a new line of odor control products. These revolutionary new ozone units represented a 100% solution for odor and pest control.

However, one comment that hydroponic retailers consistently made was that these units were too big. They’d been designed to meet the needs of large, high volume growers. What was needed were units sized for the hobby growers.”

So with that in mind, BAP started to design smaller sizes to give growers the flexibility they needed their spaces. This is one of the many reasons why we make …

The Best Ozonators In The World. Made In The USA.