In 1999 I toured the Western U.S. introducing a new line of odor control products. These revolutionary new ozone products represented a 100% solution for odor control, but one comment that dealers consistently made was that these units were designed to meet the needs of large growers and high volume ozone production.

"My customers are small hobby growers using "in-room" type products to deal with exhausted odors. They are typically placing these ozonators near an exhaust fan or in the duct work."

We all agreed this was very inefficient, and in most cases the in room ozonators were too small to deal with the volume of odor and cfm produced by even a hobby grower. Now there is an effective, affordable method of dealing with exhausted odors for the hobby grower, BIG BLUE.

The benefits of ozone for odor control have been scientifically documented. Contract and commercial growers have demanded the finest in ozone technology and have had that need filled. But these systems have been expensive and in some cases, temperamental, and labor intensive to keep clean and running. We all have to deal with grow room odors. But why use or invest in a system that is overkill or requires more attention then your garden?

Now with BIG BLUE there is no need to deny your customers the commercial benefits of O3.

The BIG BLUES are designed specifically for the hobby grower. There are sizes engineered to fit standard exhaust ducting from 2” to 12 inches. The 12 inch model will accommodate up 1200 cfm of fan. The 4 inch BIG BLUE is shown here adjacent to a 265 cfm “squirrel cage” fan.

The larger units work well with the most popular in-line fans.

  • The dimensions are: 4”, 6", 8”, 10” and 12 inches in diameter X 20 inches in length.
  • The BIG BLUES are assembled with corrosion resistant stainless steel.
  • The BIG BLUE uses a germicidal UV-C lamp that produces the most effective odor killing ozone, ultraviolet technology has to offer.
  • UV lamps continue to produce ozone for up to 14 to 18 months of continuous use. After that the light is on, but ozone levels are below optimal. Bulb replacement is easily accomplished, by anyone who can change a light bulb! Simply remove the lamp from its snap clips, separate the bulb from its’ power plug. Reverse the order for the installation of a new bulb. No need to return the BIG BLUE to the manufacturer for bulb replacement. Your dealer will have the specific BIG BLUE bulb for your ozonator.

Best regards, Scott

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