BIG BLUE Features

Simple? Yes, about as complex as a T5 fixture. No electronics to go bad, no cooling fans to gum up. 20+ years of reputable operation in greenhouse environments. Our technology might not have been designed by NASA but it’s not over-engineered, not overly complex and you won’t have to take out a loan to finance a BIG BLUE. Our technology has been proven for over 20 years in many different environments.

Control Ozone Amount

Stainless Steel

Safe & SImple


Ultra-Reliable Commercial-Grade Equipment

Our generators have been designed to last for many, many years. The first units we designed and built over 20 years ago are still in operation today.

Switched Output & Fail-Safe Backups

You control the amount of ozone produced. The BIG BLUE system features switches (on all models except 4″) which allow you to turn bulbs on and off so you can dial down the amount of ozone produced, or crank it up when you need more.

For example, if you are using a BIG BLUE to control odor in a grow room, your needs in week 1 of flower will be much lower than week 5 or week 8. Having the ability to control output is a very useful feature for many growers.

If you are using the BIG BLUE as a scrubber then having variable output is useful as well. You might use a 12” BIG BLUE to scrub a 3000+ cubic foot space. But when you need to decontaminate a smaller room it’s no problem – simply flip the switches and you can dial in the right amount of ozone for your room size and application.

And if you choose a model with multiple bulbs (all but the 4″) you practically never have to worry about down time. If one lamp goes out, you have more that will continue produce ozone until you are able to replace the old one. And replacing a bulb on a BIG BLUE is super simple, requires no tools and takes only a few minutes.

Hospital-Grade Polished Stainless Steel Construction

Easy to clean and enhances performance due to the highly reflective, corrosion-resistant material. The stainless steel housing of the BIG BLUE is not there just there for looks, it’s also functional. The surface reflects light back into the air traveling through the chamber and greatly improves performance.

We Use Proprietary UV-C Bulbs, Not Corona Discharge

UV ozone generators are better because they are more reliable and have a longer lifespan. CD (Corona Discharge) units have a higher failure rate, and once they’re done you have to throw out the entire generator and purchase a new one. UV ballasts last for years and years and are inexpensive to replace. Lamps are easy and relatively inexpensive to replace, and when you do replace a set of lamps you essentially have a brand new unit (full UV/ozone output again). UV lamps provide a constant output; no “shot bursts” like CD.

Our proprietary ozone-generating UV bulbs are unlike most other UV germicidal bulbs on the market. Our bulbs are designed to produce a significant amount of ozone. Many manufacturers of germicidal UV technology use bulbs that produce a low output.

The light produced from our bulbs is so powerful that it breaks apart the oxygen molecules in the air. Our bulbs produce output at both 185 nanometers and 254 nanometers, and they do not have coatings or mechanisms to block the higher energy light. The BIG BLUE ozonator makes use of these high energy light waves to oxidize microbes. The 185nm light produced by our bulbs is closer in energy to X-rays (10nm) than the light needed for photosynthesis (400-700nm).


Additional Features

Easy to use and maintenance free – simply “set it and forget it”

Not affected by high humidity – which is why many growers choose the BIG BLUE over carbon filters (which are greatly affected by grow room humidity)

Quick setup – engineered to fit 4″ – 12″ ducting, simply make a cut in the duct run and splice the BIG BLUE right in