As a representative of the gardening industry I have used most products available over the years. I recently had the chance to acquire the Big Blue Ozonator from Blue Air Products.

This ozonator has truly made a difference in my indoor garden. It has truly done everything I’ve asked it to do. In order to put it to a full test I allowed many odors to build up in my garden before using it and testing it so that I could evaluate the difference. Once I was satisfied that my garden had reached its height of smelliness, everything from live plants, to mixing organic nutrients and brewing compost teas, I turned on the Big Blue and let it do its thing. Within a few hours you could tell the system was working and within a day all the odor was eliminated unless you were standing directly next to a major odor source. I am pleased to say the unit itself as well as the technology behind it truly works!

The obvious competitor for this system is a carbon filter. I can honestly say this unit was easier to install than a carbon filter, that being said I use about the same amount of electricity for either set up. The carbon filter has to have a high powered fan where the Big Blue uses a low power fan and the UV bulbs draw.

There are two main points which would make me buy this unit over a carbon filter.

First, replacing the spent bulbs vs. replacing the carbon in a filter (or just buying a new filter)

Second, the customizable nature of the Big Blue.

Let me elaborate on the customizable feature of the Big Blue. The unit allows you to turn on one bulb or multiple bulbs depending on how strong your odor source is. This means that I may only use half the bulbs in the unit and then when those aren’t working as well I can switch bulbs or just flip the switch and turn on additional UV bulbs. This allows me to customize the amount of power the unit uses as well as the lifespan of the bulbs. Some people are cautious about using ozonation units such as this one. While I can’t speak for other brands I believe the Big Blue to be a completely safe product as long as it is installed properly to the manufacturers specifications. I have seen nothing to be concerned about.

I would truly recommend this product and will continue to use it myself.

Shane Hutto
Technical Advisor
Grodan, Inc. North America

I purchased my first Big Blue ozone generator back in 1999. It was a 4″ model, one of the first that they put on the market. Aside from routinely changing the UV bulb, this unit has worked very well through the years, without any further service needed.

As with most mechanical devices, eventually, they will require service. After 12 years, my 4″ Big Blue would no longer turn on. After changing out the UV lamp, I discovered that the Big Blue would require service for the first time. After spending a few hours doing research on how to fix the unit, I decided to contact the manufacturer for assistance. Scott from Big Blue responded within 24 hours with an informative video link, showing me how to diagnose what was wrong with the unit. Not only did this video clearly illustrate how to determine the malfunction, it made me realize how easily these units can be repaired and returned to proper working condition.

After verifying the diagnosis with the video link (blown starter lamp, AFTER 12 YEARS, mind you), Scott sent the replacement part needed, which I received in a very timely manner. I am happy to report that my 4″ Big Blue is back to working like a charm, probably for another 12 years!

Excellent, personable and innovative customer support have changed me from a satisfied owner to a customer for life. Thank you Big Blue!

Happy Customer