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Ozone (03) is a gas that nature creates in one of two ways:

1. When oxygen in the air is exposed to high intensity ultra violet rays. The earth's ozone layer is created this way when the ultraviolet rays from the sun enter the earth's atmosphere. Ozone in the stratosphere prevents highly energetic radiation from reaching the Earth's surface and converts the energy of this radiation to heat.

2. When air is exposed to a high voltage electric arc, such as lightening.

Ozone, one of nature's basic elements, is a powerful disinfectant and deodorizer. It consists of oxygen (O2) with an extra oxygen atom attached to create O3.

When ozone does its job, it oxidizes by giving up and attaching its extra oxygen atom to anything that can be oxidized. As you can see the only byproduct of ozone is oxygen. In fact, ozone gas reverts to oxygen quite rapidly and naturally; the half life of ozone in air is on the order of hours, and on the order of minutes when dissolved in water.

Ozone has been used in Europe as the primary domestic water purification media since the early 1900's. Currently, in the United States, over 20 major cities use ozone water purification; the largest is Los Angeles which treats over 600 million gallons daily.

Ozone is also used extensively for air deodorizing in Las Vegas at its large smoke filled casinos.

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